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Enter The Mind of Albert Einstein

Earlier this morning I got swept away by a fascinating video documentary that focused on the life of Albert Einstein one of the most revered scientists of our time. Several things struck me, one of which was that most people really do not understand his Theory of Relativity intuited through him from his understanding of the bending nature of space itself.

Now surely you have heard of gravity and that what comes up must come down, BUT after understanding what you're about to watch even that widely accepted axiom is going to be challenged! Not to mention his drama with the women in his life...YES even geniuses go through it too lol!

Did you notice how many were trying so hard to disprove him? Of course, science does demand indisputable proof but many just went too far out of their way to be the first to say Einstein was wrong yet the sheer force of his Being could not be denied which was further proven by the celebrity type status he attained...

And just think, this guy couldn't even find a job at first and even thought of selling insurance as a way to make a living!

In this same spirit of science I challenge YOU to disprove what I coin as "The Theory of Sellativity!" using this incredible system I found here...

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