Who Invented Hypnosis?

The use of hypnosis as a therapeutic tool is as old as man himself. As far as can be traced back through time, we can find records of hypnosis being used to heal and to make change. Hypnosis has been used under many different names down through the centuries and the use of hypnosis for healing can be traced back to around 3000 BC in Egypt.

Both the new and old testaments of the Bible speak of what could be deemed to be hypnosis, and the ancient Greeks and Romans had sleep temples where those seeking healing would be put into a trance like sleep.


Making And Selling eBooks The Easy Way

How to make and sell ebooks the easy way

In today’s society, there are many individuals who are looking to make money anyway that they can. In many cases, these individuals are looking for opportunities that allow them to work at their own pace or be their own boss. If you are one of those individuals then it is possible that you may have thought about creating and selling e-books.

The popularity of e-books has rapidly increased over the past few years now. Many readers are not only finding it convenient to purchase them, but cheaper. In most cases, e-books are easily to read on the computer, but they can also be printed off. Since more and more consumers are interested in purchasing e-books, there are more individuals who are looking to make money off of them. If you are able to do this, you may find success; however, that success will not come without hard work.


Why Bitcoin Keeps Going Up

What is the big deal with Bitcoin and why does it keep rising more than it falls? I am going to answer these questions and dispel any myths out there about bitcoin being some sort of fad or all out scam...

In fact, I will also prove why you should be storing as much of it as possible...


Can You Hypnotize Anyone By Just Speaking?

This is an extremely time sensitive message from my trusted colleague Steve G. Jones, so take a moment to read this short note below:

(From Dr. Steve G. Jones)

I don't claim to be a "know-it-all."

But the one thing I DO know better than 99.99% of the people on the planet is how to use hypnosis in both everyday life and therapeutically.

After all, that's just about the only thing I have done with my life, professionally speaking, for the last 25 years!

The Cure for Smart People


Oftentimes smart people tend to overthink things instead of just keeping it simple. They think of all the things that could possibly get in the way but just imagine if they reversed that to all the things that could go right then success would surely be more probable... 


Everything Must be Balanced In Your Home Business

The Perfectly Balanced Home Business
We all comprehend that aptitude and disposition is essential when you take on a business. However, it's more essential to have the disposition because knowledge might still be worked at. If you're not interested with a certain opportunity, it's likely that you'll get tired of doing matters repeatedly and you'll want to quit later on, leading you to failure in your business.

Do It Right

If you do like it, it's likely that you would also be able to produce awesome quality without having to exert too much effort. After which, your employer ought to be satisfied, acquire more of your work and then you succeed in your business.