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How Simple Choices Make A Massive Difference

The year was 2010.

And these two young men, John and Jim, had just graduated from college, both filled with a burning ambition to succeed in their own online business.

In lots of ways, they were very much alike.

Both had a similar amount of seed money and both were determined to make a success on the internet in similar markets.

Fast forward to today...

And John is now living the fabled 'internet lifestyle'...

No insistent alarm clock shattering his slumbers.

'Working' WHEN he wants to and WHERE he wants to, with just a simple laptop or iPad.

Having all the time and financial freedom he wants to really enjoy life with his family.

Meanwhile Jim still struggles on, burning the midnight oil and racking up ever more credit card debt, in the vain hope it will all come right in the end.

So what made the difference?

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Here's to your inevitable success!

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