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Welcome to W.illiam's C.ool R.esources from the PROfessionals (WCRPRO!)

My name is William Caleb Rodgers and I'm from Port Arthur, TX a small refinery town about an hour away from Houston.

I made this blog to highlight the cool and useful resources I come across and use in life.

Throughout this site you will find resources ranging from free money making gigs to quick hassle-free loans to on-page shopping portals built right in so you don't have to spend hours scouring the whole internet just to find the items you need...

Aside from that, I tend to post things that are positive and metaphysical related all with the purpose of fostering self evolution and promoting sovereignty - you know, living a life of freedom and things of that nature.

This naturally led to the current time's best resource which involves using the world wide web so check this out...

One day while surfing the web I saw an ad saying I could make some extra money by promoting one of their products and they would just split the profits with me for any sales I personally brought in.

This sounded perfect for someone like me who did not want to go back to the toxic refinery work environment so I took a leap of faith and to my surprise, I actually made a few sales!

I have been hooked ever since and have been perfecting my skills and continuously gathering the knowledge, wisdom, and tools to share with you how to not only make just some extra money BUT even a full-time living online!

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