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The Stuff Our Lives Are Made Of

What life is made of

What causes the experiences in people's lives and why is it that some people who work waay less seem to get waay more? 

I was recently sent a video clip that drove my mind to answer this and more. But first☝ here's the clip... 

There is much that can be said on this.. 

The "tools" I use are designed to implement it in action. And to a certain extent the time required to make a full drastic change in one's 3d environment is related to just how much negative thinking that has already been crystallized over the years of ones life.  

So while some may criticize a particular person for not making a positive change in the amount of time that they calculated it should have been, they don't know one's life experiences nor how that One judged their own experiences. 

Therefore, they can either help from the basis of genuine Love or leave that person alone. BUT one thing they should never do is entertain that person while at the same time holding negative judgement. Why would you want someone you hold a high negative judgement of in your life anyway?! 

I look at some aspects of my own life and think with gratefulness:  certain vehicles I've had that just came to me without me paying ANY money including some of the residences I've lived in up til now!

These were things I needed YET manifested all on their own without me knowing how I was going to get them or doing what would be considered the normal physical "work" to get it. 

 🙏 I am beyond Grateful because these blessings prove the following was at work in my life... 

The Beneficiary Aspects of the Law Of Attraction

Although I am not what the average person considers as "rich" I somehow end up with the things I need seemingly without much physical work involved. As some of you who are more experienced in life might suspect, THIS has also brought much criticism from those who feel I don't deserve it due to them putting in far more physical effort than I. 

But as I said earlier in this message, they don't know my life experiences nor how I judged those experiences. They don't know the type of "tools" I use nor the amount of testing it takes to figure out what works vs what doesn't work best for my type of being. Then of course after finding what works best for a particular issue I must discipline my person to use it consistently. And keep in mind, each issue may require its own unique tool so this is definitely a continuous work in progress 😕

Trust me when I tell you this can be far more exhausting than even digging ditches for 8 hours a day! 

Nevertheless, some just mark it off as pure luck but then again:  

What is Luck? 

Could it be that luck is simply caused by having a mind that perceives all experiences through the filter of positive programming, the same filter that grows from the discipline of applying the laws of attraction🤔

Just think about it: anyone who has sincerely studied and earnestly worked a particular field for many years ends up seeing life through the lens of that which they studied. They usually attract the things pertaining to that sphere of study. 

Therefore, if you were truly sincere at living according to the principles of positive thinking then you would have experiences that reflect that. And to an outsider looking in it would look like that which is called LUCK 🎰 

So here's to being lucky 🍻  

And If You Added The Power Of Belief... 

Peace and Light

Everything's gonna be alright ✌ 

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