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I Don't Want To Work For Anybody But ME!

It used to be very easy for me to get a job and do everything the "boss" said to do even when they were saying it in a crude and oftentimes disrespectful manner. So why would I accept such treatment you ask? Because I needed the money and in an economy like ours jobs are commodities worth holding onto and the "bosses" of these jobs know that and thus figure they can treat you any old way simply because you need that gig.

But let me tell you a story...

A story about a job I once had and thankfully never will again!

I was an Environmental Services Tech a.k.a. "cleanup man of all trash, blood, and feces related spills... so if you need a job they're always hiring lol!

Anyways, I eventually moved my way up to guess what: being an officially fledged housekeeper. But not just any housekeeper but the sole house keeper of the emergency room. This is where every inconceivable an unimaginable filth, waste, and blood gathers up on the floors the beds and yes even the walls. It is also happens to be the busiest area at any given time in the hospital and again I was the sole only housekeeper during my shift for that whole department.

The only thing that kept me going was the ER staff who constantly praised me for my extreme efficiency because the one thing about you is that every examination room had to be turned over as fast as possible in order to accommodate the non stop traffic flowing in.

Despite the grueling fast-paced and messy work, the EVS supervisor demanded in between doing ER rooms that I had to clean other patient rooms on the various upper floors of the hospital as well...WTF?!

But hey, it was my job until one day -one extra busy day- that same so-called "super-advisor" advised me to go to those upper floors stat even though I had a ton of rooms to turn around for all the sick who's been waiting for hours to get seen and so I hesitated . THEN that's when the super said it:

When I tell you to do something, you just go do it!

I don't know if it was the stress of the day, my growing distaste for the job, or the in-your-face disrespect but I had mentally clicked and began spontaneously cussing and shouting then stormed into the EVS director's office and basically told him what he can do with his crappy job. You don't talk to me like that regardless of your so-called position as respect is a two way street and I know I had shown that to them in the way I did my job. And I remember him saying not to just come into his office demanding stuff but as I responded, I didn't come in there asking or demanding a damn thing. It all happened so fast but as the saying goes "enough was ENOUGH!"

Some may say I was too emotional and highly unprofessional to say the least, but screw that because when you bottle something inside yourself for so long it is only a matter of time before you explode.

A couple of weeks later I landed a client online which re-ignited my netrepreneural passion. But even that soon soured because yet AGAIN I was still working for somebody. So I bounced from trying to actually get other jobs to no avail until I realized that I am just not the type who can work for somebody else.

Now I know that may not mesh well with many of you reading this but believe me when I tell you this is the very same epiphany the great entrepreneurs of our time had come to realize and had it not been for this realization, many of the inventions and institutions that we use in our every day lives would have never been made.

One invention in particular makes all the difference in the world as far as how successful you can get WITHOUT working for someone else and that invention is the INTERNET :-)

I have been slowly but assuredly chronicling my observations and experiments in the world of making money online and although at the time of this writing I am not raking in millions yet the income I have been producing means more to me than that $8 an hour EVS gig or any other I have ever had simply because it was all my own unique effort that makes it and I don't have to answer to anybody!

For those of you searching for something similar or you just have that gut feeling that there's more than just working for other people then you can get started here with an easily do-able blueprint to make money online...

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