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The Silent Evolution

People are recognizing and starting to see things differently nowadays. And part of the reason is this:

Just above the atmosphere there's a magnetic covering that picks up and stores the general thought patterns of the people living on it. This forms a grid around the earth being filled with the thought impressions of those living on it which in turn manifests as a type of energy.

And so all newborn babies are instantly infused with this "grid" energy as soon as they take their first breath thus giving them a certain disposition towards life...

Personal gene traits and regional geographical factors also come into play making up the uniqueness of an individual, but the earth grid impression is still very strong at instinctively pushing you to view things in certain ways within a certain generational period.

This is why the study of history shows similarities among people in the same generational period while a different generation exhibits a different set of similarities.

Those who currently control the money flow on a global scale and who also coincidentally run the major media outlets produce things via the entertainment and news industry designed to heavily influence viewers (ie, regular everyday people) to do what the controllers want.

And I think it's obvious to see those intentions based on what we mostly see from today's media. And it's also obvious these intentions were not planned with the regular everyday person's best interest in mind.

However, the focused thoughts that have been emanating mostly from the minds of the righteous and from the gradual opening of the 90% dormant DNA faculties within us has ALSO been adding to the earth's magnetic grid causing a silent evolution...

SIDENOTE: Add an "R" for righteous thinking to this evolution and we'll get a positive revolution👆

It is this silent evolution that has been brewing inside us that is now producing babies being born today with newer "dispositions". They are naturally smarter and more talented at birth. In fact they are so different than children of older generations that you'll often find elderly people baffled by these "new age kids..."

They are not interested in the old ways of doing things as it will only produce the things of old! Have you noticed how they passionately rebel against it?

So even though some don't quite understand the youths nowadays, it is this very same evolutionary process that will eventually allow them to burst through all the negative programming. We along with the youth themselves who are already at the forefront of all this will naturally adjust accordingly. Just trust the process...

The same blueprints that existed in the beginning of the creation of life itself is operating the core of our existence and these are the operations of that which is called GOD.

Do you now see how there's this thing we call our "personality" in us which we identify with while at the same time another thing called GOD which has all the blueprints in there too? This is the very meaning of the word individual: 2 things inside that cannot be divided acting as 1 whole.

But since they cannot be divided coupled with no balance between the two then as the evolutionary process unfolds one has to take over the other. This of course logically alludes to the blueprints eventually taking over in oder to guide the personality correctly. 

And the reason the world has been the way it is for so long is because the current ruling methods have kept people ignorant of the side with the blueprints and have substituted that by injecting💉 what they impress using their media and other tools of manipulation.

This has unfortunately been guiding the personality until NOW

However, the Silent Evolution is continuing with more and more people being born different with a peculiar "newness" about themselves. And so it is through ways like this that GOD -which dwells inside us- can never be stopped despite any despairs the media consistently presents. One way or another WE end up winning!

~Peace & Light everything's gonna be alright✌

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