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Ye Are Gods: series 1

finding god
Recently I read a wall post on Facebook that dealt with how God shows up at "just the right time". It was posted from a Christian perspective and although I do not consider myself to be one it immediately sparked a train of thoughts based on a more metaphysical perspective which I greatly believe is worthy of sharing. Before I get right into it, you must understand that I had no time to really think about my words -until after it got posted- as it was truly inspired from the Higher Plains yet touches based on my own personal beliefs. And here are words that flowed:

Instead of HIM "showing up", I firmly believe He never left for the simple fact that He is within!

We all have these things called personalities which are really tools for navigating the world, but oftentimes we get caught up and fixated on the expressions of the personality -which we incorrectly think of as our real self- that we lose sight of (or just never knew period from lack of knowledge of self) the One within. So certain circumstances may arise that our current personality cannot handle which pushes us to go beyond it to our core which is God our real SELF then our personality gets re-empowered or "re-born" enabling us to handle more in order to show& prove What/Who we really are...and this is what makes it seem like He showed up at the right time although He never actually left..

I know at first glance this may not sound like what you're used to hearing, but I take my cue from Psalms82:6, the very first scriptures of Genesis, the argument Jesus gave to the so-called "jews" in the beginnings of Revelations, from the book of Habakkuk, is all just the B.asic I.nstructions B.efore L.eaving E.arth :) 

Now as I think in hindsight, I could have gone a bit deeper and included more supportive references but then again it already contains content that will bring accusations of blasphemy along with having the potential for starting revolutions so there's no need to "push it" for if you give a person too much food at once they may not digest it all and/ even choke. 

I really do not wish to offend anyone with this but must admit that it felt good to "release" after being silent for the past several years on these issues. There were times in my past when I thrived on debates surrounding this subject matter but somewhere down the line I just stopped.

For instance, once while on a construction job a co-worker who knows well the things I believe once insistingly repeated to others who do not know me well "we're not gods" and I didn't say a thing! He was obviously attempting to draw me out but I didn't even want to go through the motions of debate just to prove what I BELIEVE. But before one could even begin such a task the term "god" itself would have to be defined as many people see that term as referring to an all powerful spiritual entity floating in the heavens or even worse George Burns 😒 

...And I find it odd that even when I use scripture such as Psalms 82:6 the tempers of so-called religious folks start to flare... hey, this is the very same book you claim devotion to but Jesus himself had to deal with this very same debate starting in the book of John 10:34

Get your mind right «

Well I think this is enough food for now so chew slowly, leave your own thoughts below, and stay tuned for updates to this all-important never ending topic.

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