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Reflections During The Winter Solstice

It is the second night of the Winter Solstice and upon deep meditation I reflect on my recent errors. And it's odd that just as I solve some issues others arise out of my own doing giving yet another challenge to overcome. But then again if all challenges cease then what would be the point of continuing on in this present body?

The way I understand it our ultimate destiny is to become the Divine Beings that we were made to be by nature. But we start off as human beings subjected to the earthly passions, sensualities, and materialistic pursuits;ie, the "dirt" otherwise known as "HUMUS" that covers our true selves.

Now you see where we get the term "HU-MAN" from.

And from this "humus" comes a multitude of obstacles and challenges that seem to hold us down from what we truly need which is everlasting happiness. Sadly so many of us give up claiming we had no choice but to give in to the matrix of negative emotions such as anger, fear, meanness, envy, etc. because "we are only human." But is giving in to the humus our only option or could it be that we have something inside us that can enable us to escape?

Ahhh, but we do have another option being that our true self is divine and so therefore we have FREEDOM to choose how we will be. We can choose how we will respond because we are NOT human! If we were just human then there would be no choices in life as we would be subjected to the humus forever..

..yet in those rare life moments when confronted with hatred or some evil and you decide to respond with peace a strange thing happens. You free yourself from the tyranny of being human. Why? Because your divine nature -your TRUE SELF- is made in peace :)

The interesting thing is: how would you ever know that if it were not for the challenging situation! It is the obstacles in life that enable us to grow and in fact there is no growth until you overcome an obstacle. And there will be more different types of obstacles in order to keep you growing and if you do not pass then prepare yourself for a repeat. So if you ever catch yourself saying you wish you could do such and such over again to finally get it right, don't worry you will get your chance. Just be opened enough to recognize it when it comes and be prepared.

So in relation to my most recent errors I suppose I can find peace in the fact that I will get a do over and hopefully I will not make the same mistake twice. As the old saying goes, "fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me"...except in this case the "you" and the "me" is the same person!

Just as a baby faces challenges to learning how to crawl then eventually walk and talk till he/she reaches the destination of becoming adults so it is spiritually that we must go through challenges til we reach the destination of becoming one with our TRUE SELF. And just as in building physical muscle strength your muscles require an opposite force to push against in order to get stronger so it is with us spiritually...the opposite force of course being the situations of life itself.

Now I realize some of you may be wondering why I even mentioned the Winter Solstice and of what importance does it play in my life or anybody else's lives for that matter so make sure you listen to the following audio recording explaining the science behind the Winter Solstice(just click the PLAY symbol):

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Until next post keep building & keep growing :)

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