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Can You Hypnotize Anyone By Just Speaking?

This is an extremely time sensitive message from my trusted colleague Steve G. Jones, so take a moment to read this short note below:

(From Dr. Steve G. Jones)

I don't claim to be a "know-it-all."

But the one thing I DO know better than 99.99% of the people on the planet is how to use hypnosis in both everyday life and therapeutically.

After all, that's just about the only thing I have done with my life, professionally speaking, for the last 25 years!

And even after being a go-to hypnotist, for over a quarter of a century, I absolutely love it!

Why shouldn't I? Every day I help people awake the giant within...

You see, hypnosis has been working for me perfectly for over 25 years. I've successfully taught men and women to use hypnosis in everyday life.

But when I ask my patients, my clients what is the single, most powerful technique I've taught them, amazingly a large percentage surprise me by saying - conversational, everyday hypnosis.

That's why I have developed an amazing 18 module system to give you almost-absolute control in everyday situations.

Imagine if you could induce hypnosis in anyone while speaking to them... and it's not a rocket science.

However there are two limiting factors.

You can hypnotize one individual at a time (so forget about creating a big harem of hot, hypnotized women calling you responding to your TV ad).

An individual must have an IQ of at least 90. In other words, the person is not extremely stupid (so forget hypnotizing your dog).

Other than that you must know:

"With great power comes great responsibility" - Spiderman's uncle

I'll show you how to master everyday hypnosis... I'll even give you word-by-word scripts so I make sure you'll get it.

Under one condition...

That you promise to me, you'll use it ethically. As hypnosis of that degree in unethical hands could mean a disaster... And I don't want to be held responsible for such thing.

It is like a weapon.. I am carefully selecting to who I am giving it. Check out the website to see if you qualify.

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In the Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis System you'll discover...

** How to use one little-known routine to make an outstanding, charming first impression.

** How to close almost any deal for as long as there is even a slightest interest in your offer (and quick-test to find that out on Module 6)

** How to calm down aggressive people and demand their attention. On Module 8.

** How to induce amnesia - Extremely powerful one - Module 9.

Or the nice-one, my clients specially like...

** How to start a conversation even with a total stranger and having a great rapport from very beginning

Best of all, you can discover these and dozens of other proven and powerful hypnosis techniques for very little money... as part of this special marketing test available only to my subscribers!

So, if you want to get an edge in everyday communication, lead other people towards your goals and you promise to do it ethically... I urge you to find out more about my "Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis" system by clicking the link below:

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The above was from Dr. Steve. G. Jones. I endorse his product and urge you to get it.

Dr. Steve and me personally and both feel you will love this program.

There's no risk. If you aren't 100% delighted with his techniques... if you don't realize their potential INSTANTLY, just let Steve know within 60 days.

They'll promptly refund your money. And you can keep the entire System with my compliments. That way, we take all the risk -- and you can't lose.

So what are you waiting for? To inspect the system risk-free for a full 2 months, click the link below:

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