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Spiritual Laws Of Money In Today's World

By now we've all heard that money is energy but just what does that mean? After all, money doesn't grow on trees or does it

I recently had a revelation that on a physical level money is a type of ledger system just like an accountant's record books. Except nowadays there are no humans doing the record keeping, it's all a bunch of debts and balances and pay outs and receivables all taking place on a digital level. 

There's no real actual human to be held accountable - let that sync in. 

But in the real world there is always a Human that pays the price especially when there is a deficit. So it is the humans that must learn to master this. 

Let's start with... 

The Main Principles Of Money 

Do you ever feel like money is a slippery fish, always just out of reach?  If so, you're not alone. But what if there was a way to shift your perspective and attract abundance into your life? 

The Law of Attraction posits that our thoughts and feelings have a powerful influence on what we manifest in the world. When it comes to finances, this means cultivating a positive money mindset.  Here are 12 powerful principles to help you reprogram your thinking and attract the money you deserve:

1. Money is Power and You Can Have More: 

Shift your perception of money. See it not as a scarce resource, but as a form of energy that allows you to create and contribute. Embrace the belief that you can always acquire more power (financial and otherwise).

2. Love the Scent of Money: 

Develop a genuine appreciation for wealth.  People who love money seem to attract more of it.  Focus on what financial abundance allows you to experience (freedom, security, etc.) 

3. Visualize Your Future:

Like planting a seed, visualization is key to attracting wealth.  Hold a clear image of your financial goals in your mind.  See yourself living comfortably, achieving your dreams. 

4. Break it Down: Big Dreams, Small Steps:

Taking action is crucial, but don't get overwhelmed.  Break down your big financial goals into manageable steps. Celebrate each milestone as you progress on your journey.

5. Gratitude is a Magnet:

Feeling grateful for what you already have is a powerful tool.  Start a gratitude list – include things you value, people in your life, and even the money you currently have.  Gratitude attracts more good things.

6. Let Go of Scarcity:

Release limiting beliefs about lack and scarcity.  Forgive yourself for past financial mistakes and let go of negativity.  Focus on the abundance that is available to you.

7. You Deserve Abundance:

Believe that you are worthy of financial security and prosperity.  Align your wealth with your purpose.  Abundance allows you to fulfill your mission in life. 

8. Collaboration is Key:

Don't be afraid to seek out partnerships or mentors.  Surround yourself with positive, successful people who can support your journey. 

9. Continuously Learn and Grow:

Stay up-to-date in your field.  Learn from successful people in your industry.  Investing in your knowledge is an investment in your earning potential.

10. Invest in Yourself:

Just like a business invests in its equipment, invest in yourself. Take courses, attend workshops, or hire a coach to help you develop your skills and increase your earning power.

11. Gratitude is a Magnet (Part 2):

Saying "Thank You" isn't just polite, it's powerful.  Express gratitude for all the money you receive, no matter the amount.  This keeps the flow of abundance moving. 

12. Align Your Vibration: 

Live a life that brings you joy and fulfillment. When you're aligned with your purpose and passions, you naturally attract abundance.

A good way to install these in your mind is to slowly inhale air through your nose to a count of 4 then exhaling out your mouth to a count of 6 - do this for at least 12 times and your mind will begin to drift into a programmable state. Next, look in the mirror and repeat the above 12 principles out loud while staring into your left eye. The more you do this, the stronger it will be ingrained. 

These principles were taken from the works of Walter Russel and you can listen to the full version in the video below... 

Walter Russell (1871–1963) was a polymathic figure known for his contributions to various fields including philosophy, science, art, and spirituality. Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Russell showed an early aptitude for art and attended the Massachusetts Normal Art School (now the Massachusetts College of Art and Design). His artistic talents would greatly influence his later work.

Russell's interests expanded beyond art into science and philosophy. He claimed to have experienced a profound spiritual awakening at the age of 49, which he believed provided him with insights into the nature of the universe. This led him to develop his own cosmology, which he called the "Russell Cosmogony." In this cosmology, Russell proposed a holistic view of the universe based on the fundamental principles of rhythmic balanced interchange and the unity of opposites.

Throughout his life, Russell pursued various projects to promote his ideas, including writing books, giving lectures, and creating artwork. He authored several influential works, including "The Secret of Light" and "The Message of the Divine Iliad," which outlined his cosmological theories.

In addition to his philosophical and scientific endeavors, Russell was also an accomplished sculptor, painter, and musician. He believed that art and science were fundamentally interconnected, and his artwork often reflected his understanding of universal principles.

Although not always widely accepted by mainstream science during his lifetime, Russell's ideas have gained renewed interest in recent years, particularly in alternative and holistic circles. His holistic approach to understanding the universe continues to inspire individuals across various disciplines. 

Remember, following the Laws of Money is a journey, not a destination.  By consistently applying these lessons and cultivating a positive money mindset, you can attract the financial security and abundance you desire.  Believe, visualize, take action, and express gratitude. Watch as your financial reality begins to shift! 

You'll see that perhaps money does grow on your proverbial tree of life. And although we have termed these as "Laws" just anything else you have a free will to follow it or not. But of course, the Not comes with consequences like the consequences of having no money at all which in and of itself has consequences nobody likes experiencing! So it might be best to discipline yourself to adhere to these...

Spiritual Laws Of Money ⤵

🌟 Understand that attracting wealth involves thoughts, beliefs, and actions that raise your vibrational energy, enabling you to align with the frequency of money.
💰 Money is akin to energy, it changes but retains its value. Take care of your money, and it will flow back to you.
💡 Your energy level affects your ability to attract wealth. Focus on maintaining high energy through positive thoughts, healthy habits, and activities that bring joy.
 🎯 Display enthusiasm and vigor to attract opportunities and financial support. A lively personality can draw attention and lead to success.
👃 Tune into the energy of wealth and cultivate a positive relationship with money to recognize and seize financial opportunities.
🔄 Embrace the spirit of giving and receiving. Generosity and sharing lead to a continuous flow of wealth and opportunities.
🌟 Pursue purpose-driven wealth. Focus on meaningful goals and projects that contribute to a greater cause, attracting support and resources along the way.
💭 Cultivate a mindset of abundance and possibility. Shift from scarcity to abundance thinking, utilize affirmations, mindfulness, and gratitude to shape a positive outlook.
🧲 Believe in the value of what you offer. Authentic belief in your product or service attracts customers who see its worth and are willing to invest. 

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